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Step-by-Step Guide to Flawless Skin

Your facial skin care should be uncomplicated. Consistency is key for beautiful, flawless skin. If your skin care routine is overly complicated, you may be inclined to ditch your routine. Following these simple steps consistently will help you reach your skin goals. Step 1 (PM) Remove Makeup Removing your makeup should be done every night whenever makeup is worn. Our makeup remover is gentle, refreshing, and soothing for even the most sensitive skin, yet effective in dissolving makeup including waterproof mascara! Step 2 (AM optional | PM) Wash Always wash your face at night, after wearing makeup, and/or after working out. If you've washed your face well before going to bed, you may skip this step in the morning and simply splash...

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Botanical-Based Hand Sanitizer

Our all-natural, botanical-based hand sanitizer is effective without any harmful toxins. Helps reduce unwanted bacteria and viruses from your hands when hand-washing is not possible. This formula includes a blend of the following essential oils: Lemon Balm Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Clove Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Wild Orange Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Cinnamon Cassia Bark Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Hyssop Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Thyme Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Lavender Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Peppermint Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Geranium Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Patchouli Essential Oil - Antibacterial + Antiviral Buy Now

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New COVID-19 Guidelines Effective immediately. As an essential manufacturing and retail business, we are open for business with the following strict guidelines: To minimize exposure, I am the only employee working at this time. HAND SANITIZER IS IN STOCK and available for sale. It is also being used whenever hand washing is not possible. Online ordering is available at You may choose shipping, curbside pickup, or free local delivery if your shipping address is in Nutley, NJ. Curbside service is available! Just pull up and call 973-637-0325, knock, or politely beep. I will come outside and will be happy to assist you. 10-11am is reserved for high-risk individuals. There is a strict limit of 3 occupants in the retail...

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COVID-19 Update March 17, 2020

Hello Gorgeous, Like you, I’ve been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. I founded Hyssop Beauty Apothecary upon the tenets that skin care should be safe & healthy. That will never change.  

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