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Are your beauty products *really* green?

Did you know there are no laws in the US regulating the use of words such as "natural"? You will find words on labels like "eco", "natural", and "plant-based".
But it really means nothing. 😮


Greenwashing is unethical behavior by companies that make misleading claims to lead the consumer to believe the product or service they are buying has a "green" benefit. (environmental, health, wellness)


Consumers are more-educated than ever before. The demand for eco-conscious, nontoxic ingredients continues to rise. Unethical corporations are losing market share quickly. In an effort to retain market share, they place claims on their labels to lead you to believe that the product is better for you than it may really be.


1. Read Your Labels! Check unknown ingredients against EWG's Skin Deep Database. Look for single ingredients on the front of the package such as, "Made with Rose Water." What else is in the formula?
2. Know your brands. If a company was at the forefront of news regarding toxic ingredients and/or irresponsible environmental practices that is often a red flag. Or, if you've never heard of the brand, does the company have a website and do they publish their location? Phone number? A lack of transparency is often concerning.
3. Consider this. If a company labels a product "earth-friendly" and packages it in plastic, then is the product really very earth-friendly?
Navigating the world of skin care is tough. Laws are slow to change and companies are quick to exploit loopholes. It is up to you to be your own advocate when purchasing beauty products.
Hyssop Beauty backs all claims made about our packaging and ingredients. We refrain from using ingredients /packaging known to harm the environment or its beings. Our products are sold either naked, in glass (with a bottle buy-back program), or compostable cardboard. We only use ingredients that are *good for you*. An ingredient must be PROVEN to be safe before we even consider using it in our formulas. And, we require the same from our vendors.