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5 Simple and Effective Maskne Tips


What is Maskne?

Due to COVID-19, wearing a face covering is now a way of life for most of us. However, the side effect is leaving many battling facial acne and / or skin irritation. Hence the term, “maskne” describes facial acne and / or skin irritation as a result from the wearing of facial masks.

Maskne Tips

Here are 5 simple, yet effective maskne tips to keep your face clear and irritation-free:


Maskne Tip #1: Wear a Cotton Mask

Most of us must wear a face mask whenever we are at work or in public. Not all masks are the same. Try wearing a cotton face mask.

Cotton face masks are breathable.
Cotton face masks are comfortable.
Cotton is less irritating to the skin.

Always make sure you keep your face mask CLEAN. If you are in hot weather, or sweating from a workout, change into a clean, dry, cotton face mask. Wash your cotton face masks regularly. And please don't throw your face masks on the floor of your car. 🤦

These cotton face masks are made using upcycled 100% cotton fabric, so they are comfortable, stylish, and sustainable.

Maskne Tip #1: Cotton Face Mask

Alternatively, wearing a reusable face shield is a great maskne tip, because it does not sit directly against your face. This is a great option if your face becomes irritated easily from wearing a mask. Added benefit, others will enjoy seeing your beautiful smile.


Maskne Tip #1: Reusable Face Shield

Maskne Tip #2: Hydrate your Skin

Severe dry skin is susceptible to redness, pain, and inflammation. Nourished, moisturized skin is less likely to become irritated. 

We love using our Facial Oil to keep our skin hydrated and to nourish our skin with vitamins A, C, E, B-complex, and Omega 3-6-9. It is hydrating, balancing, and the nutrient-dense oils keep our skin in tip-top shape.


Maskne Tip #2: Facial Oil

Maskne Tip #3: Cleanse your skin often

Not only our hands need frequent washing these days. Wearing face masks may contribute to clogged pores so you'll want to keep your skin as clean as possible. Before heading out, wash your face. Upon your return home, wash your face.

But, not all face washes are created equally. (Remember our mantra, Always #ReadYourLabels) Additional face washing can severely dry out your skin if you use products that are drying to the skin. Artifical fragrances can irritate the delicate skin on our faces. And we already know that dry, irritated skin is more susceptible to additional skin problems.

The solution to this maskne dilemma is to use a very gentle cleanser that will not dry out your skin.

We love using our Rose + White Willow Bark Face Wash for this very purpose. The first ingredient in the bottle is our house-made Rose Hydrosol. Rose hydrosol is moisturizing, calming, and anti-inflammatory. Our house-made white willow bark tincture is nature's gentle alternative to salicylic acid. It is clarifying, yet non-drying. And it smells amazing without the use of artificial fragrances.

Maskne Tip #3: Rose + White Willow Bark Face Wash


Our Rose + White Willow Bark Spray Toner is super refreshing and may also be used in-between mask wearings to keep your skin clean and hydrated.

Maskne Tip #3: Rose + White Willow Bark Toner


Maskne Tip #4: Skip the Makeup

Now that we're covering most of our face while out in public, is it really necessary to wear layers of makeup on our skin? Mask-wearing presents a great opportunity to give our skin a break from pore-fillers, foundation, bronzers, etc. 

Here's an idea: Play up your eyes! Think smoky, sultry eye makeup. Or sexy, feline-lined eyes. Maybe a pop of color - I know I've got several eye palettes that have seriously cool and chic colors that I always felt were a bit too "much" for me. But now, if I'm not wearing any other makeup, they seem to be just perfect. Play with some fun looks.

Don't worry about erasing mistakes or removing eye makeup at night. Our Makeup Remover with Chilean cucumber seed oil is unbelievably gentle on the skin, yet it dissolves eye makeup like a dream.

Maskne Tip #4: Makeup Remover


Maskne Tip #5: Got Maskne? No problem. 

Maybe you're reading this article because you've already begun to battle maskne. No problem - A gentle, deep cleaning, is the best method to quickly clear up your skin. Keeping your pores clean is also one of the best ways to prevent maskne from developing in the first place.

We like to use our Flower Face Mask weekly. It is a bentonite clay and activated charcoal mask so it does an amazing job of pulling our dirt and debris from clogged pores. And, we added a special blend of ground flowers in the formula that not only nourish the skin during masking, but also provide slight exfoliation when washing off the face mask. Just use gentle circular motions to remove the mask with some water.

PRO-TIP: Is your skin red and angry? Boil up some chamomile tea, let it cool down, and use it instead of water when mixing up your face mask.

Maskne Tip #5: Flower Face Mask


If your skin is ultra-dry and you feel like masking is too aggressive for your skin, you may want to consider using our Moisturizing Flower Face Steamer. This intoxicating blend of moisture-supporting botanicals will clarify your pores without drying out your skin, leaving it dewy, glowy, and plump like baby skin.

Maskne Tip #5: Moisturizing Flower Face Steamer