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What is Clean Beauty?

The term, "clean beauty" is more popular than ever. But what exactly is clean beauty and is it really better for you?

What-is-clean-beautyYou may be surprised to find that there are no FDA regulations for cosmetics companies to state terms such as "pure", "natural", "botanical" or "clean beauty" on their packaging and in their advertisements. Large cosmetics companies know that today's consumers want more natural ingredients and they take advantage of the lack of regulation, using these buzz words to lure-in unsuspecting consumers in hopes to maintain their market share. For example, a product labeled as "pure" may still contain ingredients that are not good for you. Think about it. You can find pure formaldehyde, but would you want to put that on your skin? Of course not - but in theory, a company can put formaldehyde in its formula and still label their product as "pure". That's why you need to be your own advocate and read your labels. 

So what exactly is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is seen as the highest level of purity today throughout the beauty industry. We believe it encompasses many terms including "free-from", "safe", "good-for-you", "sustainable", "wildcrafted" and/or "organic". And most of all, we believe clean beauty means "transparent". In our opinion, transparency is the key to clean beauty.

The first part of transparency means disclosing all ingredients. Today's educated consumer knows that terms such as "fragrance" may indicate possibly hundreds of unnamed ingredients in a product that may not necessarily be healthy. Several years ago, several cosmetic companies filed for trade-secret status that would enable them to hide harmful ingredients. This is why we believe that being completely transparent about our products' ingredients lays the foundation of a trusting relationship with our customers.

Transparency also means using ethical practices in manufacturing and packaging. It means carefully choosing ingredients and vendors who are not harming the earth or its beings.

We at Hyssop Beauty Apothecary provide full transparency of our business practices and ingredients, and we pledge to you:

  • We will always disclose every ingredient. We will never hide harmful ingredients under catch-all terms such as "fragrance" in the efforts to trick you into believing that our products are healthier than they actually are.
  • We will always be free from toxic chemicals that are known to be hormone disruptors.
  • We will always use ingredients that are proven to be safe, and more importantly, good for you.
  • We will always use the most sustainable practices possible in our manufacturing methods and in our packaging.
  • We will always use the most natural ingredients that are available, organic when it is available and practical.
  • We will always manufacture and sell our products in the most ethical manner possible.

If you ever have any questions about any of our products, we encourage you to contact us and we're always happy to help!