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Coffee Eye Cream Summer Care

It's mid-summer and that means lots of fun in the sun! But natural products don't love the sun like the rest of us. Our Coffee Eye Cream is one example of a natural product that stores well at room temperature so normally there's no extra care needed for storage. But things happen, sometimes.

If you're traveling or inadvertently placed your Coffee Eye Cream in a sunny, hot location, you'll notice the formula may become more of a liquid than a balm. Don't worry, all is not lost!

Simply place your jar of Coffee Eye Cream inside your refrigerator for a little while and watch it firm right back up! Now your Coffee Eye Cream is back to new.

Beauty Tip

Are you going out on the town and need a little "Oomph" to bring down eye puffiness? Place your Coffee Eye Cream in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and the extra coolness will help shrink down baggy under eyes. 😉