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Replacement Blades Packs (10 Blades)
Replacement Blades Packs (10 Blades)

Albatross Designs

Replacement Blades Packs (10 Blades)

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Sustainable Flawless Shaving

High quality stainless steel replacement double-edged razors sold in packs of 10. Each blade costs only $.25. Generally speaking, Albatross estimates each blade is good for 5 shaves. This can vary greatly depending on thickness and density of hair.

General guidelines:

1-2x per week shave frequency = 3 blade packs/year

2-4x per week shave frequency = 4-5 blade packs/year

5-7x per week shave frequency = 7-10 blade packs/year


All Albatross razor sets include 10 replacement blades, and an envelope to collect your blades once they are used. You may either drop them off at Hyssop Beauty Apothecary, or send them directly to Albatross. Please place a MINIMUM of 4 blades in each envelope provided.

Albatross' Blade Take Back Program provides a unique solution to recycling used razor blades. As of December 2019, Albatross creates "Take Back Ware", travel stainless steel utensil sets. This is a brilliant solution to replace millions of plastic utensils that end up in US trash bins every single day.


We chose to include Albatross as a vendor at Hyssop Beauty Apothecary because we believe in their mission. Albatross believes that by giving nature the respect it deserves, good fortune follows. Their philosophy is to design impactful physical and virtual sustainability solutions.