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dry body brush | vegan body brush
Dry Brushing Guide by Hyssop Beauty Apothecary. How to dry brush. All rights reserved.
Dry Body Brush

Hyssop Beauty Apothecary

Dry Body Brush

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Vegan Body Brush

Detoxify + Exfoliate

Indulge yourself with a self-care ritual that bridges the gap between health and beauty.  The benefits of dry brushing include:


Dry brushing promotes lymph flow and drainage. This results in detoxification, reduced fluid retention, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.


The firm bristles used in dry brushing help shed dead skin cells, revealing fresher, glowing skin. Exfoliation also reduces the incidence of ingrown hairs and primes the skin for better absorption of skin care products.

Increased Circulation

When done properly, dry brushing stimulates circulation. This causes the skin to plump and may result in the reduced appearance of orange peel skin and cellulite.

Vegan + Cruelty-Free

Bristled with cactus fiber, our all-natural brushes are vegan and cruelty-free.

Directions for Use

Before showering, start brushing at the feet using upward strokes. Use pressure that is comfortable for you. Work your way up, taking care not to brush over injured skin such as cuts or burns. Brush towards the heart and use gentle pressure in areas of delicate skin. Avoid face.

Follow each dry brushing session with a shower or bath to wash away dead skin cells.


Dry brushing can be done as often as every day, or just 3 times per week.

Replace brush every 6-12 months or when bristles break down.

8" x 3"


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

When I ordered this dry brush I thought it would be too stiff because it says it's made from cactus. But I am a vegan and I don't want to buy a brush made from animal hair. Vegan dry brushes are really hard to find so I decided to try this one.

I'm happy I did! This brush provides the perfect stiffness for a great exfoliation, but it still really feels good. I can even use it on my thin-skinned areas without any irritation. And, it's made really well, the quality is excellent.