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"Hole Lotta Love" Lip Balm Name Inspiration

Balm Botheration

Sometimes life brings you little road bumps. You can fight them or you can just roll with it. In this case, we're rolling. We're keeping the little hole in the middle of our lip balms.

Quick Science Lesson

There is an official name for this phenomenon. "Lip balm sinkholes" That is quite a name, isn't it? What causes the little hole that often appears in the middle of a lip balm tube? And more importantly, does it affect the quality of the lip balm?

When melted lip balm is poured into a tube, it contracts towards the container walls during the cooling period. This results in a gap in the center of the lip balm, which is known as a "sinkhole".


To Conceal or Not, That is the Question

There are various techniques to conceal the hole at the top of the lip balm. But it's usually still present under the nice, smooth top layer. Anyone who's purchased a common brand of lip balm knows that it appears to be flawless upon opening, but then after a series of applications, the hole eventually appears.

It's just a normal part of a lip balm's life. The hole is 100% natural and does not in any way adversely affect the quality of the lip balm. 

We Embrace Our Lip Balm Holes

Instead of covering up the top of the hole, we chose to embrace it. And because our lip balms are made with happy hearts and lots of love, we think the name "Hole" Lotta Love is just perfect.

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