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Create Your Peace Daily Inspiration Cards Angel Cards
Create Your Peace Daily Inspiration Cards Angel Cards

Marie Coppola

Create Your Peace Daily Inspiration Cards

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These beautifully illustrated cards are the result of the Create your Peace Guided Meditation on 2-22-22 led by Marie Coppola, creative mindfulness coach, certified yoga instructor, stylist, business owner, psychic medium, author, artist, wife, mother, grandma, and ... lover of life!

Marie asked that anyone who felt connected to this project submit a symbol or drawing of what they experienced during their meditation. So many Lightworkers came together and as a result, 38 symbols were submitted.


Donna LaPlaca from MoonLight Designs took the collective energy from these illustrations and added her artistry to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience.

The card and booklet cover is titled, "Prayer for our World"


As you draw a card for daily inspiration, know that the messages channeled by Marie and her community of guides and angels were created especially for this deck. Each message is connected to an angel number. Refer to the enclosed booklet to the angel number on your selected card for a daily uplifting message.

Each deck is enclosed in a batik-like printed cloth drawstring bag.