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The Story of Hyssop Beauty Apothecary

Once upon a time, two young girls befriended each other in elementary school and quickly bonded through their silly sense of humor. They were pretty young girls with glowing, dewy, youthful skin. And they were smart! They went on to conquer the world, high school, college, career, marriage, home, and family. Their career worlds entwined and they even worked together as coworkers and as colleagues. They collaborated well together and were quite successful in each of their lives.

As they matured, they often mused upon the countless beauty commodities available to ladies and which ones granted the most glorious results. But along the way, a horrible evil truth presented itself. Beauty may be granted but at a supreme cost! They learned that the skin care products they slathered on themselves included terrible ingredients that contained harmful chemicals. So they were forced to decide between preserving their dewy, glowy skin they so desired or their health.

As both women practiced a lifestyle of clean living, the choice was clear. They would banish all of the chemical-laden beauty products from their cottages immediately. And they did. Yet, shortly following their extreme actions, another predicament suddenly emerged. Without all of their beautifying creams and serums, how would they remain radiant as they grew older? They longed for their youthful glow but never for the price of their health. This distressed the women a great deal and they were forced to seek out a solution.

They would make their own skin care products in their kitchens, using only healthful ingredients. As these women were both animal-lovers, they also vowed to do no harm to the creatures of the land while creating their beauty products. And they loved the land, too. So they resolved to never cause harm to the earth so long as they created their magnificent beauty products. They soon learned that Mother Earth provided everything that a woman needs to make herself look and feel lovely, and they used all of her offerings to create natural skin care products that worked well.

Friends, neighbors and other townsfolk flocked to the women to try their all natural beauty products, and Hyssop Beauty Apothecary was born.